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Daniecell "DNCLL" is an austrian based dancer and choreographer.

She was born in germany, by a czech father and mexican mother. Her dancing career startet in 1993, in which she discovered her passion towards music and dance along the way of the latin based dance styles like Salsa and Afro Cuban Grooves, regarding her latin american heritage. Soon her interest was torn towards the energizing urban dance styles like Breaking, Popping and Locking, which started to become more and more popular in the austrian dance scene at that time. 

Right after school she attended a privat educational training in Jazz- and Modern Dance, adding a privat Urban Styles Certificate the following years.

Additionally to successfully working as a freelance dancer, model and choreographer she completed her bachelor degree in theater-. media- and filming studies at the Vienna University. (Institut für Theater, Film und Medienwissenschaften, Wien)

Due to her interest in body conditioning and movement studies she added a certificate for instructing sensomotoric stabilisation trainings (functional fitness / Slingtraining Austria) to complete the educational training for being a passionate trustworthy teacher to her students and followers. Daniecell has been working in the dance field over more than 20 years by this date and is considered as a professional, experienced and respected artist in the mid European dance scene.

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