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The Daniecell Movement Company is a longtime existing show team of professional urban dance based dancers. Daniecell is the artistic director of the Crew, as well as an active member of the dance team.
The core of this charming dance company consists of a main group of Bboys and B-girls, Poppers and Urban Skilled dancers, as well as jazz- and contemporary performers which belong to the D.M.C. family.
Due to this variety of possible dance styles this company provides a broad creative input for the working process concerning the choreography for their clients.

Their unique storytelling and highly energized performances has made them known and respected within especially the Austrian and mid-European Dance industry. 
The company has specialized in customized shows for events, concerts, TV Shows and product presentations.
Daniecell has been working as a choreographer for numerous Fashion shows in Austria over the past years.

D.M.C. can be seen in numerous TV Spots or corporate Image Movies. 

The dancers build and represent a strong team, while working on a freelance self-employed structure.

The dancers are highly active in the Urban Dance Scene.


Loreal - BMW - Dacia - Vienna City Marathon - NIKE - Vienna Teen Race - Desperados - Adidas - etc. 



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